Thursday, February 2, 2017

And I Melted In His Mouth Like Never Before...

“What if I don’t find you here tomorrow morning? What if they hide you?” He said sadly.

“Sir, I sincerely believe I am not the right one for you. I see the hunger you have for me. I forbid you to touch me.” I replied sternly.

He seemed hurt. His eyes that were so full of lust few seconds back now looked sad.

He closed the door. Five minutes later, the door opened again. It was him.

I felt his warm finger on my cold dark skin. I was a bit scared. How could I let him have me? This was not right. I screamed out loud “leave me.”

Quietly he removed his hand and let go off me. He was disheartened. I could see it. He sat there holding the door and looking at me with longing. I ignored his gaze.

“You don’t want me to have you only because I am old? You are just meant for young people? You think only these young people deserve you? That is unfair.” He shouted at me.

“Sir, it’s for your own good. Your body doesn’t permit this.” I replied softly. No matter what, I was determined not to let him have me. Even if he cries or begs saying it is for the last time (like he did last night) I would not allow him.

He closed the door. I sat thinking about the old man. It was not just lust; I knew he loved me more than anybody else. 

The door opened again. He smiled and said “You know what? If I happen to die tonight my only last wish would be you. And I am serious.”

I had already started melting a bit (what could have I done? If he kept opening the door and tried wooing me? Poor me!!)

Before I could even respond, I felt his wet tongue on me and I melted peacefully in his mouth. This was the befitting end to my life. Nobody loved and wanted the last piece of chocolate more than this eighty year old diabetic patient. 


vikram gouda said...

Amazing..Well written !

ankita kanungo said...

Thank you

Ankit Mittal said...

Beautiful 👌👌

Ankit Mittal said...
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