Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Three Musketeers

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow sat together one night. It was one of those rare nights, as they couldn’t be together at the same place and time. It was against their law. But almost every day somewhere at some point of time the three were forced to meet. Sometimes they liked it and sometimes they didn’t. It wasn’t really in their hands.  

This time they were connected by her. That night as she slept the three of them sat looking at her.

Yesterday raised a toast and boasted “She again came back to me..I affect her so much. I have the power to pull her back towards me any time any day!”

Today spoke sadly “One day she will stop visiting you. She would start seeing me; she would realize I exist only for her.”

Tomorrow sat silently looking at her. Finally it broke its silence and asked “why is she so scared of me?”

Yesterday laughed and said “It’s because I haven’t been kind to her.”

“But what about me? I am kind to her. But she ignores me. “ Today was disturbed.

Yesterday mocked and said “it’s a power game my friend. I own her. She lives in the past not in the present. I am more powerful than you.”

“I don’t know about power game. I simply wish she wasn’t this scared of me” Tomorrow sighed.

Today interrupted “But none of you are her present.  And none of us own her. She owns us. Yesterday is her past, I am her present and you will be her future. She owns each of us at some point of time. What makes me sad is she isn’t giving me a chance. She doesn’t realize I am there for her."

Yesterday laughed and said “I don’t let her give you a chance. She is haunted by me. She replaces Today with Yesterday. I enjoy that.”

Tomorrow sighed “I wish she would look forward to me. I am not that scary, am I? Yet she is scared of me. She never looks forward to her future, while I sit here waiting for her.”

Few days later the three of them sat together again. Today tried its best to make sure she noticed her present. Tomorrow was hopeful that one day she would look forward to her future. Yesterday sat mocking at them.

It was a fine summer morning. She got up and didn’t really feel anything, she was numb. The past didn’t haunt her. It didn’t matter or affect her. She decided to be the queen of her life and re arranged her tiara. She realized there was nothing she could do about her past. She had her present to live and a future to make. And she could do it without her past.

As she walked out of her room that day, she was a lady holding Today’s hand. Tomorrow stood outside the door smiling and opening it for her.

Tomorrow looked back at Yesterday’s disappointed face and said “She looks forward to me and maybe she would have remembered you if you had been kind to her.”

As she held Today’s hand firmly, he couldn’t help saying “She might have loved Yesterday the way she loves me now if Yesterday had not been this cruel to her.”

Yesterday faded into a corner as the three walked away.

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