Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Day Like No Other Or Just Another Day!!

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes this morning was ofcourse my phone. But it said Bestie calling. The day started with talking over conference with bestie and kindergarten friend. I sat on the bed yawning, talking and finally listening to them. The phone got disconnected. I could hear mom shouting at me “atleast try waking up at 9”. So instead of calling them back I busied myself in arranging the bed and wondering why I am doing this, in a couple of hours it will be as messy as it is now. The books, the laptop, the kindle, the phone along with the charger and my spectacle all scattered on the bed. Most of the time I sleep off holding books (hoping for a knowledge transfer through osmosis) and I am too lazy to get up and put the laptop where it is supposed to be kept. So the best is to let them accompany me on bed. The phone rang again with both of them all freaked out “what the hell? When did you disconnect the call? You okay?” The conversation ended in a minute as one was about to sleep, another getting ready for work and I had to brush.

The maids had not turned up and mom was at her ultra hyper mood. I realized I brushed daily twice but I had forgotten how my toothpaste tastes like. Those were the days when you first tasted the toothpaste ate it up and then brushed. Sigh! Maid 1 arrived and I felt like she was running a marathon. She informed mom that she won’t be coming for two days because she has guests to entertain at home. And the argument started about leaves for no reason :P and lastly she said we should be happy that she atleast informed us, she isn’t informing the other houses where she works. Maid 2 entered just at that moment. She was three hours late. She had an interesting story to share. Apparently she had to work extra at somebody’s place this morning. The old lady became a grandmother this morning. She wanted the house to be neat and clean before her son and daughter in law arrive home with the baby girl. But what she said next was shocking. “Didi I asked her for sweets. She said it’s a daughter not a son! Why should I give sweets for a daughter? I am not happy.” I shouted “what??!!Seriously??!!” Maid 1 had dropped a plate and said “daughters are way better than sons.” I was like how could that woman be so sick?! Maid 2 told me “that’s how it is..My husband left me because I gave him 4 daughters..”

I gulped down cornflakes complaining that cerelac could have been better. Then I busied myself dating my books. I was focussing on return filing and assessment when I got lost somewhere with my eyes closed and head over the books I went off to hibernation. I visited dreamland. There were bunch of weird people a robot, a pikkachoo, a monkey and so many more.. I was trying to study and they didn’t let me. Lastly I turned into a bunny. No idea how I got a bunny rabbit attire! I was in a classroom with so many unknown people and characters and I was asked to jump wearing that pink white bunny rabbit attire and I did. And when I asked the teacher for marks for my bunny jumping whoever that masked person was simply left. L And I woke up and saw partner in crime’s message “I am depressed..Let’s run away from studies no work no boys nothing..just alone..I can’t do anything..deleted instagram and whatsapp..everything is frustrating..” I replied “We need money for that..nothing comes free in this world..not even depression it costs a lot too.. like your happiness.. anyways study.. there is no other option..”

I got back to books. An hour later I was back in dreamland but this time I was flying and the aircraft flew downwards instead of upwards directly into a water body. I wished I had taken my swimming classes seriously. I kept telling myself don’t let this water enter your body just try and keep floating. I reached an island. Pretty beautiful it was! And I woke up shouting I hate my life. Few minutes later mom shouted lunch. Shit I had to take a shower!

I broke my nail. So I ended up wasting 20 minutes to cut and shape the rest of my nails :\ Since I had already wasted 20 minutes on my nails I thought of wasting few more minutes on my hair which I hadn’t combed since two days. I seriously forget to pamper them unless I am going out. I asked mom money for my haircut.
Mom: I gave you money on your birthday!
I protest back "that is called savings!!” I took money from her bag and simply informed her.
She shouted back “your top gets shorter with age!"
Me: Ofcourse it has to!!
Mom: wear a  long top..
 Me: don’t have any.. gimme money I need new clothes!!I need new shoes too!                                                                                                                                                                                
We need to wash your hair first.. And all of a sudden I remembered I have to study.. I replied “let it be I think I will come tomorrow or day after..” finally I got back home with two painful scratches made by a thread on my eyebrows. Nothing comes free of cost these days not even good eyebrows!! How difficult it is to be a woman! Sigh!

I switch off my phone and start romancing books. After few minutes mom came to my room with bournvita :D she asked me to accompany her to a neighbour’s birthday party.. some six year old kid.. My first reaction was “they have a kid?”
Mom: ofcourse they have..
Me: I have to study..Why did you even ask me?
Mom: Fine don’t go study.. if you have to study then don’t watch “Ramayan” utilize those 30 minutes too
Me: that reminds me what is the difference between daanav, maanav and asura?
Mom: Devlok with Devdutt Patnaik is better than my star plus soaps right??Then ask Mr Patnaik

Few minutes later dad asked me to get his medicines. I still don’t understand why these doctors didn’t practise handwriting in school. I asked dad to write it down on a paper because I didn’t have much hope from the chemist either. What if he fools me? Atleast I should be able to understand the names. The moment I got out of the house I saw books on the road. Yes books!! School books scattered on the road!! Who does that? My neighbours! And mom wanted me to visit their birthday party? People who throw books on roads are not worth anything. The only thing I perhaps like about my neighbours is their dog.  The guy at the medicine store gave me strepsils instead of change. I returned back the strepsils and he gave me vicks. I returned back the same and demanded money. He doesn’t have ten rupees change? Are you kidding me? Finally the poor guy had to take out the 10 rupees note and unwillingly handed it over to me.

I was back to my small little world of books when the kid from work pinged “What happened to your hot dps??I am tired of seeing your sarcastic dps :\
Me: I am no more hot! I speak sarcasm :P so bear with it!! How are preparations? All over? :P
He: Ghanta over! Yours?
Me: Ghanta not over :P

I did waste another 30 minutes watching Ramayan sorry modern Ramayan (Siya k Ram :P ) I wasted another 30 minutes eating dinner and stalking a hot guy on tv. And lastly I spent another 30 minutes writing this piece (not sure if I wasted) and you are wasting maybe 10 minutes of your day reading this.

Few minutes back I looked at the dark sky, felt the cold wind.. and got lost..Sometimes the universe inside me spills out a little; sometimes it’s heavy to carry but its okay...I believe this too shall pass..I tell myself just a few more days ...relax! I messaged partner in crime “Lets run away…I wana live in Ladakh in some monastery and become a monk..” Then I laughed and told myself my heart still beats and fights…even if the moment hurts I am not supposed to fall victim to its pain..I am just doing fine..meanwhile keep calm and love books… The adopted dog barked wagged its tail and licked my foot.. these four legged creatures are truly a therapy..

Enough of time wastage I need to get back wooing my love of life, my darling books! Have a good night unlike mine :\ 

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