Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Unstoppable was the word that described her the best.  Even the red lights at the traffic stop could not stop her. She was fast and rebellious. She drove like she was competing with the wind.  It was past midnight and she was on the road racing with the wind. And for the first time ever she pressed the brake this hard. The car came to a screeching halt on the bridge. She rushed out of the car and ran towards the silhouette of a man standing near the edge of the bridge. This would have scared any other person but she was unstoppable. The man was about to jump off the bridge. She shouted “hey you, STOP!!”  The next moment she saw something falling down rather flying in mid air. She shouted “STOP YOU FOOL!!”  She knew she was too late. She could not save him. She was too stunned to move. She just saw someone die and she could not do anything. She was freezing and could not move . She was woken up from her state of shock by the light on the bridge which also died. Even darkness never stopped her. And all of a sudden she was scared of it. She tried to move towards her car, she tried to run but could barely move her feet. She had never walked this slow in her whole life. She closed her eyes and whispered to herself “run”. And the moment she sprang into acion she heard a chilling cold voice “STOP!! STOP YOU FOOL!!” She could not move an inch. Her legs froze.  She felt cold yet she was sweating. She looked back she could see nothing nobody. It was pitch dark. She ran to her car and drove back home. She took a shower trying to calm herself down she could still hear the cold voice ringing in her ears. She thought it to be happening inside her head maybe she was simply shaken up with what had just happened few minutes back. She popped in some pills and forced herself to sleep.
                                                                         She woke up late with a bad headache as if she had a bad hangover. Slowly she recalled the events of the previous night. She forced herself out of bed and rushed. She made herself a cup of coffee and put the bread on the toaster and grabbed the newspaper. The headlines flashed “ man jumps off Bridge 10 and kills himself.”  A part of her wanted to read the whole story about who the man was what are the probable reasons behind his suicide.  As she moved her eyes down to the main story she heard a cold voice “STOP!! STOP YOU FOOL!!”  The coffee mug slipped from her hand and crashed on the ground. She threw away the newspaper and just looked at the broken pieces of the mug. She could not hear the toaster bell ring. The burnt smell got her back to her senses. She rushed outside without bothering to clean up the mess. She drove like a maniac. She thought she just needed some time to get over it. The voice is all her imagination. She stopped at her favourite place, the library. She headed straight for the classics. She was about to pull out her favourite book when the voice haunted her again “STOP!!STOP YOU FOOL!!” She could not move her hands. The voice screamed into her ears. It cannot be just imagination. She ran to her car. Back home she popped in some sleeping pills and hit the bed. Few hours later the cold voice whispered into her ears  “STOP!! STOP YOU FOOL!!”  She got up screaming. It was raining outside and the wind kept knocking the window. She thought it was all in her mind.  She made herself some pasta and switched on the tv. She kept on increasing the volume but still nothing was audible. She shook off the remote and tried again.The volume kept increasing and still she could not hear a word. She was almost inside the television trying to hear and finding out what was wrong and finally she heard it. It was loud and colder than before “STOP!! STOP YOU FOOL!!”  It came right from inside the tv. She was never this scared before. She rushed back to her room shouting and crying. She calmed herself down its all in her head. She just needed rest. A week passed she could barely eat sleep or do anything. The voices kept haunting her all the time. She acted weird at times. It was weird for others not for her. She would stop dead in the middle of  a presentation, coffee mugs kept crashing on the ground, she would throw away stuffs all of a sudden,  she would start running, stop speaking, and even stopped her car in a no parking zone. To every other person around her everything about her was abnormal. Nobody could hear what she heard. She visited the pyschiatrist. The moment she opened her mouth she heard “STOP!! STOP YOU FOOL!!” She could barely speak. She forced herself to anti depressants and sleeping pills. But the voice never left her.

                                                                  One night she drove aimlessly frustrated with the voice. She came across Bridge 10 she increased the speed and then she heard it “STOP!! STOP YOU FOOL!!”  It wasn’t the cold voice it was her own she remembered the night she tried saving the man. These were her words. She jumped out of the car and rushed to the spot where the man stood that night. She screamed out loud “DON’T STOP!!JUST GOOO!!! LET GOO OFFF ME YOU FOOL!LET GO OFF ME!!!” She felt someone pushing her or rather letting go off her. And before she could understand she felt she was flying off in mid air. She heard someone shout from above the bridge “STOP!!” The light post laughed out loud and the light died down.