Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Every full moon night She cried out for a love she could not touch..!!

A flickering light flashed on her face and a gentle breeze blew her hair. And for the first time in many years she opened her eyes without compulsion. She witnessed something beautiful through the broken glass of the window. She dragged herself to the window and was awestruck at the beauty of the silver coloured grass. She felt like the moon had bathed the entire world in its colour. Little did she know then that the entire world meant just her world. She had never felt something this beautiful on her face before. For years she had been subjected to various kind of lights that wretched her but for the first time this silver light had a peculiar aura.  She wanted to absorb more of it. She searched for the source behind this powerful brightness. And high above the moon played hide and seek with her. It kept hiding in between the branches of the tree. She tried hard to see it but could only catch a glimpse of it. For the first time in many years she was this curious, this restless. Hours passed and the moon kept running away to a direction that her eyes could not follow. And the broken glass just became a broken glass yet again in sometime. The ray of light and hope vanished. She forced herself back to bed with a broken heart.  
                                                              When the sun peeped into her room she got up with excitement that  the golden light would soon be replaced by the silver light. She waited anxiously for the the day to end. The sun bade farewell but the newly found love of her life never turned up to meet her. The sky was beset with clouds and forbade the meeting. Disappointed and broken she kept looking at the dark clouds. Sometimes begging them to move and sometimes cursing them. And she was back to her lonely painful  dark life. Another day passed , and the silver light crept inside through the broken glass. Her joy knew no bounds. She smiled like never before. She stared without winking at the precious white ball on the sky. She did not count the hours she had spent simply looking at it. She was in love, the kind of love she never had known to have existed. She was intoxicated with love. And the lustrous moon played its part, it shone even brighter. There was something magical about the moon. She could not keep her eyes away from it even for a second. She was scared what if it vanished again she would have to wait for another one day and what if she did not live to see it again. She did not want to die, not now, not anymore. She wanted to live to feel and touch her newly found love.
                                                               The days passed and the bitter pills,cruel needles did not bother her anymore. She was ready to tolerate everything just to live for one more night. The sun had become a villain in her story.The few hours in the night that she spent with her long distance love were the only part of the whole day that she lived, she smiled and she looked forward to. She hated those nights when she would eagerly wait for her love and it would never turn up. But she was determined to live for another day just to express her unspoken love. She was indulged in her unbelievable world of love on a full moon night. She let the silver light bathe her face. She never felt more beautiful.  She did not budge a bit from her state of intoxication till her body gave up. By the time she opened her eyes the love of her life had vanished. She was shattered. Little did she know that just like she was beholden to her pills the moon was beholden to the sun. She closed her eyes. She could not see the moon shining again.
                                                               Every full moon night when the moon shines brightly on the graveyard, someone cries out loud from a coffin in the far corner of the yard. She cries out for the love she could not ever touch, for a love she would never touch. Few miles away a grandma tells her little grandchildren “go to bed the werewolf howls again.”

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