Monday, January 5, 2015

Hair - I have a mind of my own! ;)

I look at the mirror and sing “messy hair messy hair what are you screaming at?” (this song been inspired by Phoebe from “Friends” you know smelly cat smelly cat what are they feeding you?)and my hair sing back “sleepy gal sleepy gal that’s not your business.”

Me: Lets fix you up J you would look great!!
My Hair: you mean you would look great? You get the compliment not us!
Me: isnt it the same thing?
My Hair: Don’t you remember what that lady said? you have  a pretty face, great figure but you need to do something about your hair you wont look good if you are bald, use our range of professional products .. and you did not buy any of the products she was trying to sell simply because those might have made us look could not stand that..
Me: I am not rich enough to buy their products. :/
My Hair: Well we are not good enough to obey you. :D  Ouch! Will you please stop using that funny brush and hard comb you kill so many of us on a daily basis!! You spent so much on this funny brush meant for curling hairs but you cant afford to buy those products? Huh?! And for your knowledge we are already wavy and curly you need not get that brush for us. Sometimes use your brain don’t go all fancy and wow to buy things.  So are you going out somewhere? Because you totally ignore us when you are home, which saves us from the brush and comb war. Oh no please not that ironing machine again…! We get that you are going somewhere.. cant we go the way we are? Today we don’t have the mood to get any hotter .. even somedays you feel like going out in pajamas too!!
Me: I am not in a pajama mood today! Let me get you some serum would protect you from burns.
My Hair: ouch!! Bitch!

1 hour later!!

Me: grrr!! Cant you remain straight for some more time?? I wasted so much of time and here you are back to your own ways..
My Hair: you never had the patience to spend much time on us ! we did warn you we were in a pajama mood!
Me: Atleast stop getting tangled with each other all the time.. you get killed in the untangling process and it hurts me more.
My Hair: we have a mind and life of our own!

Me : what a lovely weather!
My Hair: it’s a windy day!
Me: long drive, open hairs feel the wind
My Hair: Do you understand you are getting us raped by the wind? Ahan you seem to be really enjoying this.. fine you will hate it once you see this bush on your head..
Me : ouuch ! will you stop fighting back I am trying to untangle you, cant you be a bit soft?
My Hair: you just got us raped! Suffer the aftermath!

Me: I need a haircut!!
My Hair: ahan ! we look good we guess! ;) enjoy your day!
Me: oh yes I spent so much on this hairstyle .. ^_^

2 days later..

Me: why cant you look the way you did two days back? Nobody believes me that I got a new hairstyle! You are all the same now..
My Hair: Lady we have a mind of our own!

Me: you need a massage! Do not fall down in between!
My Hair : how many of us did you lose?
Me: L one day you will be all gone it seems :’(
My Hair: Blah!

Me: After every wash why do you need to scream around and party?? You realise how difficult it is to quieten you up? cant you be friends with the conditioner and the serum?
My Hair: Party all day! Party all night!

X y z : why don’t you straighten up your curls and waves?? Would look better and manageable..
Me : hmm

My Hair : hmmm so planning to get us operated? Are you?
Me: Nope!
My Hair: why?
Me: I love you for what you are.. I like you all messed up maybe! You remind me of myself.. uncontrollable and wild..  you have a mind of your own ? don’t you?
My Hair: awww! Touched ! in that case a piece of advice- keep that stress thing out of our breeding ground that kills us a lot!
Me : will try.. promise me we will be friends!! You have to listen to me..


Amruta Mohanty said...

Amazing...totally loved this one...keep it up..

ankita said...

Thank you :) :)