Friday, July 4, 2014

17 Things a Girl Hates about a Guy.. :P

I hope you do not fall in the 17 points category noted below. And if you do please take it in good humour, I mean no offence to anyone. :)

1. You think it is sexy to add up any random girl on facebook having a sexy display picture? But unfortunately the girls you add up don’t find it sexy!!
Step 2: poke her !! how jobless can you be? Get a life beyond facebook, maybe a sexy girl might someday notice you.

2. Flirting is healthy. But sometimes you need to learn the basics before trying, desperate flirting leads nowhere. 

3.You think your lecherous stare makes her feel pretty and wanted? Well no it makes her feel like a piece of bone being desired by a dog.

4 . Her  face is not in her bossom sweetheart! Look at her face when you talk to her.

5. Do you have a count on your one night stands? And yet you want to spend your whole life with someone who is “pure and fresh”  :O Excuse me she is not a vegetable or fruit(pure and fresh)!

6.You cannot appreciate women whether at work or any other place. She can never be right because she is “She”. And you know why you think that way? Male chauvinistic pig you are!!

7.She does not find your EGO attractive. The hot egoistic young man in reel life is attractive not in real life. 

8.You pretend to be cool, you pretend to be someone you are not. Pretension can never make you a real man. 

9.The world does not really revolve around you, your watches, your cars, your whatever!

10.You have female friends, so what is the big deal? You seriously don’t need to show that off!!

11.You have a bike that is definitely attractive but you need not really need to attract people on roads with the horrible stunts  and ofcourse your idiotic sense of dressing.

12. A little bit of importance makes you feel like being on demand and you tend to ignore the the person who makes you feel important. That is not attitude that is stupidity. : ) 

13. You have got every right to look at and talk to any girl you wish and she talks to her male best friend and there is world war 3.

14.We get it you have a thorough knowledge on every abusive slang on earth but cant you shut your tongue when you use the same for her? Sometimes you need to learn to deal with break ups and move on. Calling names, drinking and trying to be a modern devdas shows your immaturity.

15. You are 21 and you think asking someone what is budweiser and if red bull is beer would make you innocent and impress a girl then you are actually dumb. It does not prove your innocence but your dumbness and ignorance.

16. You don’t like washing your socks, do you? The perfume or deodrant you use cannot compete with the “aroma” of your socks so for a change either change your socks or wash them.

17.You have no idea how irritating it is when your deodrant smells like an after shave lotion and you must have probably used half the bottle in one time spray. Don’t you check the smell before buying? ( don’t get fooled by the wild stone commercials)
A friend told me there is not much to hate about guys.. "They are guys!! Cant help it..they are not meant to be sensitive and understand things on their own." 
  We just have this tendency to expect a gentleman out of every man we know or meet and reality verses expectation happens and hence the disappointment. 

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