Sunday, June 30, 2013

What strange creatures brothers are!

As much as I hate to admit it, I am glad my first teddy bear was not bought from any store but I inherited it from the person who I remember being the first one to pull my cheeks. Even I have an old photograph showing him pulling my cheeks with the sole objective of teasing and irritating me. And the teddy bear still remains a prized possession maybe that is the reason why while donating my old toys I did not part with it though it is now physically a bit handicapped. I am glad I am not an only child but having an elder brother like him sometimes confuses me “Am I adopted?” He being a perfectionist and I being just the opposite. 

I grew up aping him in every possible way. I cannot even draw a straight line without a ruler and yet I took part in painting and drawing competitions only because he is a great painter. Someway or the other I tried my best to be like him. If he drew or painted something I would try my best to copy it. It would never be like the original one. If it’s a scenery mine will always have three triangles as mountains and finally I would rush to dad for help. He would draw it and I will just fill the colours and feel good.  But most of the times he would draw me a joker and ask me to colour it. KThe only time I took part in debate competition was in 6th grade and I did win. But the reason behind the participation remains the same he used to be a great debater. The 12 years I spent in school my first identification was as AK’s sister. I admit I hated it. He irritated me like hell teasing me every time I scored the highest in class or an “A”in projects and practical. “The teacher knows you are my sister.” Little did I know back then that few years later he would be an inspiration for me...Every achievement of mine has been coupled up with his success story. When I won a gold pendant in a writing contest the first thing my grandfather said was “ Bhai is a gold medallist, he got a gold medal and here now you have a gold pendant.” He has somewhat been a shadow and an inseparable part of mine. 

We truly have the weirdest relationship. Since childhood we never had much to talk to each other maybe because of the age gap between us. We fought, we irritated each other and I would be the crying baby all the time.We argue like crazy and the next moment we forget without having to say sorry. Together we watched tom and jerry, listened to our favourite songs, played cricket and had the worst kind of pillow fights. I enjoyed sneaking into his stuffs and that irritated him like crazy.I loved reading his personal diary that he wrote as a kid and I still do that. When he shifted, it felt like I had the whole house to myself and I got a direct passport to his belongings.  But the very interesting act of sneaking into his stuffs just lost its charm when he was not around. I hate to admit it but yes I do miss him. Even till date we rarely talk, our conversations mostly take place over facebook and whatsapp. Generally we talk when I am in shit like my phone breaks down, my laptops stops working,  myanti virus expires, my camera setting gets messed up. Blame it on the age gap and his silent shy nature we might not have been the closest of friends.We might act like we don’t care but we know each other’s hearts. We know each other as we always were or maybe more with every passing day. Despite the distance and everything we do know some where or the other we depend a lot on each other even on small little things. 

To the outside world we all grow old but not to our siblings. We live outside the touch of time.
Happy Birthday Bhai!! :)


akankshit said...

Thanks a lot for this post :). Loved it a lot :)

Amit said...

Nicely written! Envy 'AK' now :)

Sanjeet Rath said...

I wish it wud hav been me instead of AK.... :)

akankshit said...

Wahh Wahh !! Now am flattered by your comments Amit and Sanjeet :P

Bighnesh Ray said...

Being a younger brother myself, also with quite an age gap, I could relate to so much of what you have written!Beautifully worded, wonderfully expressed and tenderly brought back memories.Loved reading it...keep up the good work..:)

The West Wind said...

Very well written Kanku :) Lovely..