Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thank you Glasses! :-|

As a kid I fancied spectacles, people wearing them amused me. Then there was a misconception that people wearing glasses are intellectuals, they have damaged their eyes by studying. I wished to be in that category but little did I know back then that I was being fooled. If I wear spects I will be termed as a genius. Even the parle-G kids “g=genius” used to wear those cute nerdy glasses sometimes. Once a dream , now a need. People using glasses are definitely talented, whether the two nerds winning the bournvita quiz competition or the singing sensation on the music competition (no idea how singing spoilt his/her eyes). Reading ‘My experiments with truth’ at the age of 9 never seemed like an achievement rather it created another misconception “Great men always wear spectacles.” Wait! I am not a great Gandhi fan just that my mom fooled me back then talking about freedom fighters,the Satyagraha moment and blah blah and made him a hero in my mind .. It was during my 10th ICSE boards that I realised what a pain Mr Glasses has been, the longest chapter in history civics.(No offence intended)  Anyways the moral was that great people did not just burn midnight oil but their eyes aswell. And our dear doctors, how can I ignore them? They are supposed to be exceptionally brilliant and I rarely find a doctor without glasses. People with spectacles looked cool and at the same time nerdy. How much I wished I could use one! Sadly one day the wish got fulfilled. L
                          It was a time when I even wanted zero power glasses and now I am not a so proud owner of so many glasses unfortunately none are zero powered.  I don’t know what connection was there between my eyes and the unwanted headache, somehow I ended up with an eye test with a negligible negative power. This resulted in the fulfilment of a long awaited wish.  Now I also belong to the intellectual nerd category! But I was told I had spoilt my eyes because of television, computer, not eating green vegetables and reading novels while lying on bed. Huh! Every other person on earth using glasses was a sincere, hardworking and diligent student and I was none of it inspite of using nerdy glasses.  Anyways this did not kill the excitement afterall there were people in school who I had to show off my new look. ;) Some boys told me I looked like Preity Zinta from “kal ho na ho.” Boys always talk NONSENSE!!! The compliment comment or whatever it was did not matter. I felt the glasses made me look a year older and it was not even that fun using it all the time. And I hated it when girls in school would wear my glasses, go wow you really are blind, I don’t go up to someone who can’t walk, sit in their wheel chair and ask wow you really can’t walk. :\ What was meant for a constant use turned into a rare use.Glasses lost their charm very soon. Even trendy frames could not make me feel trendy. For one or two years it was always a rare use thing, till the letters on the blackboard seemed just like scattered white stuff.  Once again I became a proud owner of new glasses with a new range of power. The word constant use was never taken seriously. Again after a year or so I asked a girl sitting next to me in a class “can you see whatever is being projected on the screen? I find it difficult to read it I can’t see it properly.” I wondered how she was able to copy down everything this soon while I was struggling to even see one word. She replied in a cool manner “yea it is totally clear and visible.” So I had to depend on her i.e. copying down from her notes. It was time for another pair of new glasses. The damage was done. Constant use was now a must thing. The use has become this constant that now there are times I push up my glasses and realize I am not wearing any. And then there are times I use broken glasses and I am not even aware of it till it hurts my finger. This is what I call proper constant use. Not because I enjoy it but because I am blind without it. And I am so blind that sometimes I can’t make out if they are cracked.  :-P
                                                                                Glasses never add charm to your beauty rather they make you feel old with every passing day. And contact lenses come to your rescue. Not like they are damn comfortable but with time you get used to them. But it is something I avoid wearing to a 5 hours class and 8hours office. One of the basic reasons why people in my office and class ask me “Is that actually you on facebook? What happens to you when you come to office?” I become “behen ji.” K To make it worse working on a client’s system will make you feel more miserable. Sometimes I find my nose touching the computer screen. Crapped screen systems specially designed for auditors it seems. Sometimes I would be using contact lens and at the same time put up my glasses and panic “what the hell happened to my eyesight now?”:-O Damn I am so used to wearing glasses! But there is always a sense of happiness that almost all my close friends are “chasmish” :-D And there are some who are worried about the fact what they will do on their wedding, a pair of glasses never suits bridal attire. :-P I cannot imagine a day without my glasses. And the most difficult part “Eye Test.” I am still not sure if I am wearing the right powered spectacles.  :P Without glasses the whole reading box seems white and it is even more depressing when you stare at the reflecting mirror and you cannot even see your own face just a blurred face is visible. You are made to read with so many glasses and you are asked to choose the best. Seriously I have never been able to say which is the best. The doctor would ask “Is this good?Can you read? Read.” Then he would put up another glass and ask the same. If your answer is yes to both and you can read the letters then you are shot with another question “which is better?” And I don’t have an answer to that question, I keep saying “hmm maybe this no no maybe that hmmm.” Finally both of us would lose patience and I would blindly say yes this is better to one of the glasses. These days I don’t even say that I keep quiet and just “hmmm hmmm” till the doctor loses patience and selects one for me and asks me to read via both eyes. :P
                                     For people like me glasses are a basic necessity. No matter how careless I am the only thing that I handle with care are my glasses. This is dedicated to my dear glasses just to say “Thank you.”


The West Wind said...

I share the same fate of being blind without my glasses.. and being attached to my glasses/contact lenses with an umbilical cord. And the eyes tests are the worst part.. they are nothing less than an insult.. they make me feel like what am I going to do.. I cant even read alphabets correctly off a board :(

sonu said...

Ahhh...u're damn right !!!! Ppl who think glasses are kool (as i used to) are Fool of Misconceptions!!!
Eye Test damn embarrassing , when ur perfect sighted friends wd accompany you..and u can see the pity in their eyes..for your incomplete eyes' :(

Bighnesh Ray said...

Somehow the 'fascination' of wearing a glass has always eluded me.I have never thought,oohh...those specs look nice..I should have an eye condition which makes me wear them.I am actualy petrified of having to wear a glass daily.Reading your blog has reaffirmed my beliefs.It was funny and insightful.A nice 'dekho' into the world of spec bearers.Keep writing and keep making me smile..:-)