Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Being Sick!!

It is never a good feeling to be lying on the bed for the whole day with a hot water bottle popping pills and feeling sorry for yourself. It is one of those curl up and die days. I am not sure which part of my body hurts more. At around 3am I wake up freezing despite the blanket and the sweater and wonder if Damon actually can kill people in their sleep and if yes then it is the correct time he can do it now. It felt like death had chewed me up, ran over me like a freight train and is back for a second round.

 All this meant I was going to miss my morning class and I did miss it. It was not a good feeling to miss even one class of Forex. And ofcourse it meant no office aswell. But I did want a break from office and classes. And how much I missed my early morning sleep! But this is not exactly the way I thought I would get a break. Having breakfast, lunch and dinner on bed, something I perhaps missed. But these days I hardly get time for lunch at home forget having it on bed. Sleeping for hours on end ignoring the red light beeps on my blackberry is something I always wished I could do(not that I am that busy :P) and I finally did that. I don’t remember the last time I was this sick because since the day I have joined office I don’t remember taking any sick leave or rather despite being sick I had to work not because I love working but I badly needed to save my leaves for future. But with the amount of energy left in my body office seemed to be a distant dream sorry nightmare :P And finally a home alone experience after ages though all I could do was take random naps the whole day and curse the medicine companies for making bitter pills. L Do they ever taste the pills before selling? Bad customer service!! :P  Apart from that it seemed like there was an aching party inside my head and I was not invited to attend it. And all I could do was sleep get up eat sorry drink and sleep again. Liquid diet, another reason to worry about – weight loss!! Sigh! Despite all this being pampered by mom is something I missed. For 2 whole days I have not heard her complaining even once about my messed up room or whatever. :D
                  In between the naps I wonder how many hours I have been wasting like this. No office no classes yet I am not able to study. But I could not help it when every part of my body was out of order and there were no spare parts available. Finally mom woke me up from a sound sleep saying “look who is here.” All I could see via my blinking eyes were a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers. Oh wow flowers are here! :D Then I hear a chorus “Get well soon”!! Who says colleagues can’t be friends? Atleast in my case one of the few reasons I would ever like my office would be for the friends I have here. They surprised me, got me flowers and clicked my pictures definitely they are my people :P   Despite the weakness and the pain I could manage to sit, bitch and chit chat for hours about things that we will do once I am back in order. I even got the class notes I had missed that reminded me of school. After they left I slept again.
 Who says being sick is not fun? All you have to do is sleep, pop pills, get pampered, and get beautiful flowers, have lunch and dinner consisting of liquid diet on bed.... Still I cannot afford to fall sick again or waste my time and cry in pain!! 


Durgeshnandini Biswal said...

A naturally woven and nicely written piece, regarding a very common phenomenon that often misses our attention. Natural! :)

Bighnesh Ray said...

Very nicely written...I always love a piece which is insightful and funny in a sarcastic/ironical manner...this was a perfect concoction of it all...keep going(on the great writing part get well soon..)..:)