Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friends-He or She?

They say a girl and a boy can never be best friends...I totally disagree with this fact specially when in my case the number of male friends is almost equal to the number of female friends  :-P  I have friends and I have best friends as well and I see no reason why a guy and a girl cannot be best friends. I believe both a male and a female friend are an essential balancing element in friendship. From the point of view of a girl let me tell you why ;)

Time 2am: Call up your female best friend and you get to hear a lovely voice saying “your call is on wait as the person you are trying to reach is on another call please stay online or call after sometime.” The voice might be lovely but the words it spoke were not especially at such an hour. You hear the whole sentence again and again. And if you are calling up a bsnl subscriber then you don’t really listen to the whole sentence and disconnect the call as they don’t fall under the lovely voice category. Anyways no matter how many times you call you will be greeted with a call waiting message instead of a hello! And if you are lucky in a day or two she will definitely text you back “hey gal!!sup?soo sorry sweetieee u had called and I missed it..I was on a call with xyz (her boyfriend ofcourse) and you know sometimes he can be an ass thoda tension tha so cdnt take your call..what happened??catch up soon baby muuuaahh “  
 Time 2am: Call up your male best friend you might get to hear the call waiting message here as well but rare possibilities. And after 1 or 2 calls you are surely going to get a reply not because your friend cares or likes talking to you more than his girlfriend but because he is sensible enough to understand that you are not jobless enough to call someone just like that at 2 am. Even if he doesn’t answer your call you will definitely receive a text. And if the phone just rings and there is no answer from the other side either he is asleep, with friends, drunk, playing or doing something important. And in the morning you will surely get a message or call from him.At any time of the day your friend calls up and you don’t receive. If the caller happens to be a girl she would call you up again or leave a text or make sure that you get back to her once free. If it is a guy, now it is an end of the world she did not receive my call!!How dare she hurt my ego?
            Suddenly you want to party or maybe just go out and have fun and you call up your friends, do they turn up? Well yes if it is him he would happily say “yea sure will be there in 15minutes” and if it is her “you should have told me yesterday? How can I go out all of a sudden? I don’t think mom will allow.” Hang out with your guy friends and you lose all the handsome stalkers you wished to be stalked by :P but definitely you attract a new range of stalkers called aunties who give you the “stay away from my son look.”  The benefit of going out with your female friends is you can share girlish jokes about stalkers ;) And if you have more than two or three male friends and you have photos with them on facebook you are lucky because all the jobless rumourmongers in the world get confused who to hook you up with. Now pictures on facebook reminds me of one thing a girl likes your picture because you liked hers! Funny but true! I am sure many of us must have experienced this. And a guy clicks like when he actually likes it or maybe he would not ‘click like’ even if he likes it.   
                             It is really important to have both he and she with you whenever you are high :-P Once you start drinking she will always encourage you with one more one more..while he would always restrict you that is enough but once you are high it is him who would like to listen to your blabbering and laugh and now it will be her who would start cursing herself for letting you drink so much! And if you happen to puke he will just disappear and of course she will stay with you with a glass of water or may even make you a black coffee if needed. But later he will call you up and say you are hilarious and cute and she would say you are a nightmare when high. If you feel like you are freezing to death due to an air conditioner and you ask your friends sitting near you to turn it off, a girl would never do that she would just say “it is suffocating without an AC.”  And a guy would either increase the temperature or turn it off no matter how suffocating it is. Another interesting fact, your best friend will be your best friend till she becomes somebody’s girlfriend and your best friend will be your best friend just to become somebody’s boyfriend. He might pamper you with chocolate filled talks and everything just to help him woo a girl. She would make you go crazy asking you a thousand times what to wear what to say just to impress him and she would never ask you anything sweetly, rather demand it as her fundamental right. She has all the time in this world to meet him but not you and you know why? Because her mom knows that she is with you all the time. And that means you get bored all the time while her parents think what a jobless friend our daughter has!!The less you see her, the less you hear from her but definitely once in a month you will get a call from her “I broke up with him.” And you console the crying soul that they will get back together in a day or two and she would be stubborn with a “no this is final.” After a day you will get to know from her facebook update and photos that she has patched up. With time the break up calls will also decrease so will the hangouts and everything. There is a reason for that aswell “her boyfriend does not like it.” Poor soul!(thank God I am single)!!And for a guy once he has the girl you helped him to woo in his court he has to play it safe. A female best friend definitely has to become just a good friend, no matter how much he flirts around. The best part is his parents will never think that you are jobless. He knows how to manage his personal and social life. Though the frequency of calls and texts might have decreased but even after ages when you meet up you don’t really find any major changes. And yes they might also be having the monthly break up scheme thing but they would not be remembering you then either they manage themselves or they have other “GUY” friends who would understand it better. But he will remember you when he needs to buy her a gift and perhaps that is the only time he might be a patient shopper.
Can you imagine how it would have been without your girl friends? The bitching, the gossiping and all those fun, the girlish stuffs..who would have helped you with shopping? The mehndi sessions just like that, the fun tattoos, the nail paints, pajama parties and all that hhee hee hooo hoo!! Who would have understood your achievement when you hit a boy on the face ;) Who would have appreciated your new shoes, your new hairdo, and helped you with what to wear for a party or even just for a coffee. And all the smileys in the world would have been a waste without them after al who would have understood and communicated with you through them. And the word “Awwwwww” what would have happened to it? When you have a new crush who would have reacted with an “Awwwww you have a new crush awwww he is haaawwwtt!!”  Tell your male friends that you have a crush on a certain guy and the typical reaction “ lol!he is a gay.” As if they are the only He-Men in the world. And if you do not find a guy interesting then your standards are too high according to them.  If you are technically challenged like me what would have you done if you did not have any male friends? Who would have helped you fixing up your broken pc or selecting a new phone. Who would have fought with you continuously, teased you every moment, insult you and at the same time make you laugh and even sometimes make you forget that you are on a diet. No matter how many times you say the words cheap and disgusting you still laugh at his dirty and poor jokes.

At the end all one can say is “ har ek friend zaruri hota hai” ;) 
P.S. the above “He” refers to male friends not boy friends :P 

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