Sunday, May 22, 2011

It ends...

This was supposed to be posted on 23rd April, but the moment I logged in my cell phone beeped “sir calling”....The four minutes conversation was enough to make me realise that there was just a week to my exams but I did make it a point that this post is going to be a part of my blog as they say that this is supposed to be a big day in everybody’s life so I should definitely be sharing this..
Five years of college life ends today. As I walked out of the exam hall it was a weird feeling realising the fact that it was the last day I sat in this classroom. Walking through the corridors I experienced a blend of emotions...5years are over..Really??Off course when I had joined this college I was 16 now 21.I spent 5 years of my life in this college and never realised it. Just then I happened to come to the science block I could clearly get the flashbacks the wonderful slideshows of standard 11th I badly missed them .The sprity canteen, the world’s craziest bunch of people as friends, the one year of living life to the fullest. I did not realise that I had actually stopped walking I was standing there watching something invisible. And then these three years of I don’t know what is happening type of feeling...The moment I stepped out of the college building I could not help looking back at the commerce block. I could clearly remember the day I had shifted to this block, switched to commerce, the day I made a new friend who in these three years has become one of my best friends. Three years have passed and it seems like yesterday when I was struggling at home to let me opt for commerce. Three years have passed in just one wink of an eye. Unbelievable!!I could hear people rejoicing the last day of college. My eyes had become heavy. I turned back once again just smiled and told myself “this is life.”
Back home I just had a small conversation with my parents about the last day in college. Dad told me it’s a different feeling an important phase of your life ends, college life ends..but then you people won’t feel or understand this as you literally never had any college life, friends, activities or any attachment towards college. How true!!I never realised when this important phase of my life started and ended...I could not even get that proud happy feeling of being an unofficial graduate. I had fresher’s party farewell party everything but never had a college life in these three years. I kept thinking has anything changed within me??around me??My life??yes so much has changed or maybe everything has changed and I could not even realise when. Should I be feeling happy that my college life is over??Or should i be feeling sad??I don’t know ..I just know that it is over ..

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