Sunday, March 27, 2011

RaNdOm CrAzY

To be frank I have nothing much to write now. Its 2.50am in the morning but I am not at all sleepy. True, I have spent many sleepless nights before but today it is totally different I am just on a path to self discovery and self realisation. I am writing it just to remind you that I am alive. It has been ages I have not been writing though I have been trying since months but never found anything worth posting here. The ones I found sharing here I could not maybe because I was too lazy to type :P and at times just lost what I wrote and where I wrote. My usual habit of scribbling down things on the last page of any notebook I get and later on forget where I wrote. And then finding it after ages and don’t feel like posting it. At times I felt is it good enough to tell everyone what I am feeling how things are in my life??That was another reason why I had stopped blogging but then I can’t deny the fact that I tried like hell to get something to share with you I had so many things in my mind( even Google would not get them) but failed to express when I tried to put them into words. I just became clueless. There was something I wrote which I badly wanted to post here it was dedicated to a few people in my life but my laziness did not let me do that. Apart from that its true i did not get much time to write before but since December I have literally been doing nothing but still could not write anything. Reason??Even I don’t know!!! So here I am writing something just to say I am alive ear phones plugged on listening to ganesh hegde’s jaa rahe ho agar after ages...anyways why on earth am I giving so many excuses for not writing??Was anybody really checking out my blog updates??Was anybody actually wondering what happened to me why I stopped writing??Are people really interested in my life well I have an answer to this question some people are always interested in other peoples life :D I have started loving those people it is good to know people are more jobless than me. gawd!!What am I really writing??Nothing actually I am not sleepy and i just wanted to write something so I am doing that. Soo many irrelevant things ok back to some relevant things in my life..Well my friends say I am having some vampire traits in me, true i have started seeing n feeling vampires around me, I behave like one, I am in love with a vampire as well called Edward Cullen. He makes me smile he makes me dream he makes me wish for a guy who would love me that way..Apart from that life has been good as well as bad..My mom says am not a perfect girl even i agree with her. I am a human being how can I be perfect? True I lack a true good qualities of a so called good girl woman or whatever I am careless I am crazy lazy weird and more over half vampire i can only use a microwave to cook food sorry not food but Maggie but Maggie is food only naa??I cannot keep my room clean my clothes are always messed up so is my study table but I swear I prefer staying away from all girlish things apart from shopping: D now that is a proof that yes there lies a real girl in every imperfect girl :P but I swear I am not drunk now don’t know what made me write all this..but before I get confused mad sad whatever..I need a good night sleep :D hope you had a crazy time reading this..:P and yeah am alive :D


optimusprime said...

well, if there has to be a written piece of purity i would say, this is as far as it gets. no dilution, no adulteration, straight from the person through the words...nicely written. Glad to find this blog getting resurrected. great job

ardhendu said...


yes, you are alive, i see :P

Abhinandan Aryadipta[Arya] said...

Depression is a test of patience. God will give u as much happiness as much as pain you r getting. Singularity hurts but it also makes u stronger and a better judge of people.

Abhinandan Aryadipta