Sunday, July 19, 2009

The best conversation I ever had...

The number you have dialled is busy,please stay on line or try after sometime.This is what I heard evertime I tried to call.Maybe I had tried for about three hours at a stretch.Hats off to my patience!!And finally I lost my patience and gave up the idea of trying again.I knew I had to handle it all by myself..You must be wondering to whom I was trying to call up so damn desperately..Hmmm let me tell you ‘He’ is not a person like you or me.Infact I don’t know how He looks,wat he eats,nothing.But I am sure about one thing He never wastes time over orkut and facebook like you or me.Sorry I have been perhaps blabbering all hogwash stuffs now back to the topic.Anyways I thought of giving just a last try might get lucky!And finally I heard a sweet voice on the other side.

I: Hello..Is this H E A V E N??
The sweet voice:Yes
I: May I talk to God??Is He free now?
The sweet voice: No He is actually busy on another call,a girl from earth has called up.God is busy solving her problems.
I: huh..okay!
And the phone was disconnected.I could not help wondering what made God talk to her and not to me.I also belong to the same disgusting place having so many “varieties”of problems.Yet He did not talk to me.I did not know when I fell asleep with flooded eyes.
I found myself exploring untrodden paths full of hurdles.Everthing had become cold,the night air wet on my lips.At I distance I saw a light it was not a flashing one but a flickering one.Suddenly all that mattered to me was the light the hurdles did not matter anymore.I went nearer and nearer to it don’t know how and why.The nearer I went the more better I felt.I found myself standing infront of a narrow beam of light.You would not believe but the light spoke to me.Yes!!I heard a clear,soothing and grave voice.I had never heard a more clear voice before.He did not have to introduce himself because I knew who He was.He was the one whom I had been trying to call the whole evening.

I: Hello God
GOD: Hello my child
I: So finally I got to talk to you..why this late?I cried for the whole evening,banged my head but you were not there when I needed you.
GOD: what makes you feel that I was not there when you needed me?I can provide you with a boat or cannoe to cross a river but I cannot row it for you.You have to learn to paddle it all by yourself.That is the way it has to be.

I: If you were there then why was it so painful?why do I suffer?
GOD: What you call pain and suffering is a part and parcel of life.You have to learn to accept whatever happens.
I: Does that mean I should just let the grass grow under my feet?
GOD: Remember you are born to live,do not live because you are born!Dont go the way life takes you,take life the way you go.But you should have the guts to face the consequences and accept whatever happens.You are wholly responsible for whatever happens,and what you become.Learn to be a fighter not a loser.And first you be the change that you want to see in the world around you..

I: But why have I been sent to earth?Is there any purpose?If yes,then what is mine?
GOD: Yes,every person on earth has his own purpose.It is upto you to find out your own priorities and purpose in life.Ask yourself you will definitely get the answer.

I: Why is it that you did not receive my call today?You solved that other girl’s problem and why not mine?
GOD: My dear little girl.You are my favourite angel right??That is what you call yourself ‘God’s favourite angel’ isnt it?I knew that my strongest favourite angel can handle her problems,besides I am always watching over you.There are people around who were in greater need at that time,their problems were much more bigger.Your problems seem bigger to you only because they are your own.Remember life is all about learning to dance in the rain rather than waiting for the storm to pass by.

I: Am I really your favourite angel?I have a wish, will you fulfill it?
GOD: What is it my dear?
I: I want to become a real angel,the one with those white wings,white dress,lovely crown and the magical wand.
GOD: Why is it that you want to become such an angel?you are an angel now..
I: I want to be a free bird not a caged one.I want to fly.I want to have those wings.I want to have that magical wand so that when you are busy solving somebody’s problem I can help out some other girl like me whose call will be on waiting.
GOD: Hmmm I cannot grant you that wish now.But I promise to keep that for some other day maybe on the Judgement day if I feel that you actually deserve it.

I: But why is it that my problems seem to be a penelope’s web?
GOD: Life is not just about the rising sun but the setting sun as well.You cannot be unfair to life just by loving its brighter side and ignoring the darker ones.Everything happens for a reason.Someday you will also understand it.
I: when will that day come?
GOD: Few things you will gradually learn and understand in your lifetime and the rest you will understand in heaven.Heaven is the place to understand life on earth,why things happened to you.

I: But what about the things that we lose and sacrifice?Do we get them back in heaven?
GOD: sacrificing and losing are two different terms.Sacrifice is a part of life.It is supposed to be.It is not something to regret or try to get back.Sacrificing means just passing on something precious to someone else.And about losing something is life well for everything you have lost,you have gained something else,and for everything you gain you lose something else.Its about your outlook towards life,you can either rejoice or regret it.

I: Why is it that in the worst of my times I don’t have anyone to stand by me??I feel damn lonely at such times,nobody understands me.How will I plough a lonely furrow?
GOD: At times all a human being needs is a hand to hold and a heart to understand.The most difficult phase in life is not when nobody understands you but its when you don’t understand yourself.The world will never stop for your grief when your heart is broken.Life will always move on and you have to move on with it.Its better for you stop depending much on others.You are not the only person who has experienced such emotions and feelings.There is a phase in everybody’s life when they have to appear tests.Its all about how you face it,your attitude to wards your problems.Learn to rise even in your most difficult time,just like a phoenix from its ashes.You are wholly responsible for what you become.I am getting late now anything more you want to ask??

I: Thank you for this wonderful lesson.I don’t have anymore questions.
GOD: Remember one thing be a good human being...

The light vanished and I was back in my room.I just have to handle my own life and what about God??He handles so many lives!!truely His job is definitely more complex and tough.


Subhasish said...

Wats the no. you dialed...??...lolz was jokin... ;)

Gr8 questions though...if I were in ur place I would have asked some stupid questions... :D

Seemed to me lyk Bruce Nolans questions in Bruce Almighty... :P

The West Wind said...

Very nice.. I never knew u cud express so well..

ronak dugar said...

tht was very gud..i liked the startin part..

Anonymous said...

wonderful quintessence of poetry n language.......gud luck 4 betta more wurks in ur future..!! :)

Anonymous said...

oye i actually felt dat dis was one of ur weaker posts actually!!Loose english, compulsive use of idioms!!A better organisation might have been possible!!But nonetheless the concept was nice

Durgeshnnandini said...

hey! sry 4 d l8 entry!bt it sounded vry typical....hysterical maybe! bt neway gud work!!

Jiten Jain said...

The most beautifull post i could find.. i dont know if you will ever read this comment.. but in case you see this... just i am going exactly through same moments... the moments of lost love.. i found solace in your blog..

Jiten Jain said...

hey i am also facing the same moments of lost love.. found this blog so touching... thanks pal.. whoever u are..