Friday, October 3, 2008

The last page of my notebook

While undergoing a self introspection,many things flow across my mind.A few things I have become addicted to in these years which some find weird and some funny yet interesting.One such habits of mine (infact many must have had this)is scribbling down everything on the last pages of my notebook.

Whenever any thought comes to my mind,
I write it on the last page of my notebook.

Whenever I find the lectures boring,
I play games,whether its bingo or housie,
draw pictures,whether cartoons or designing my own fashion wardrobe,
plan my hangouts or any idiotic crap with friends,
Just everything on the last page of my notebook.

When I am hurt or heartbroken,
the last page of my notebook patiently absorbs my tears.

When I feel like falling for him,
I share my feelings with the last page of my notebook.

When I am angry with someone and want to flood my anger,
I use the last page of my notebook.

When I am really wrong and need to confess,
I confess to the last page of my notebook.

When I want to remember a few things told by my teacher,
I discuss it with the last page of my notebook.

When I solve any puzzles riddles or mathematical calculations,
the last page of my notebook helps me with it.

Whenever I plan to study,
the last page of my notebook reminds me my study schedule.

Whenever I wish upon the stars,
I share it with the last page of my notebook.

Between calculus questions,test dates,English quotes,
so many baffled calculations,so much of funny hogwash conversations,
the last page of my notebook reveals a few personal lessons taught by life,
a few dark secrets,a few funny incidents,a few sleepless nights,
a few childish pranks,a few dreams,a few nightmares and lots more….

Unknowingly and silently perhaps it has become my dearest buddy
Listens to me unquestioningly.
Absorbs my tears without grumbling.
Understands me silently.
Strongly believes in my dreams,
no matter how silly they may seem.
The last page of my notebook
accepts me the way I am....


Rikun said...

very nice...
i hd never thought the last page of our notebuks were so useful..
very thoughtful n rite..

Durgeshnnandini said...

true re! perfectly true!!!

Anonymous said...

So true ur words are!

Abhishek said...

I say stop doing ur BCom.U will turn out to be a very good author.Not joking!!!And yes ur words are so strikingly true!!!!!!

Abhishek said...

Anks, I read ur entire blog just now and i cudnt help felling the intensity of feelings dat u bring out in ur writing.And in each and every piece there's a notable tinge of pessimism.I know dat u must have been asked zillions of times tobe optimistic but i know dat its not dat easy, especially when u have seen so much of life's images.But still life does have surprises as you go on.Just try to be the same jolly Ankita i used to see in my school, throwing water at da end of da class, crying at teacher's scoldings, and yes always with a genuine smile on her face (and not a forced one).Please do try.And try to do away wid dis melancholic tone da next time and write sumthing energetic.And mmm dat wil only be possible wen u become a little healthier (uh uh like me,always ready to donate fat!!!).So always be in a jolly mood yaar.Bindaas raho!!!!!! Ur blog has e ven inspired me to open a blogger account.Hope i will blog sumday!!!!!!!!!!

pallavi said...

anks...dis is mindblowin...its evrythng i mast stuff..really ur literary prowess is vry impressive!!

Sumedh said...

awesome stuff...

Subhasish said...

I hadnt read ur blog till now. Its awesome rey...just fantastic...waise at what time do you blog that you get these great ideas coz I got rilly inspired by ur Blog and thinkin of creatin one he he

Anonymous said...

hmm perfectly true for those whu have visualisd LIFE even in dark..