Sunday, August 10, 2008


You are the disarrayed fragments of the jigsaw puzzle
meant to be arranged and solved by me,
keeping in view of the image
which flashes by in my mind.

You make me believe,
where they doubt.
You make me work,
where they refuse.
You make me smile,
where they cry.
You make me stay,
where they quit.
You make me stand,
where they fall.
You help me survive,
where they break down.

You make me accept the failures of life
without disappointment.
You make me pay a deaf ear
to their hokums.

You are the mild rain drops
on the barren land of my life...
you are the strength to fight
every single strife of my life...

you are the hope
which wakes me up every morning.
you are the wings of freedom
which lets me touch the sky.

I run through cloaking mist,
path paved with thorns,
enduring the pain with a silent tear
yet a million dollar smile
flashing through miles..
thinking of the moment with you
I will cherish throughout...

You are the very reason of my existence,
you reside in my eyes,
you are safe in my heart,
you are the very purpose of my life
I am here just to chase you,
My dreams....


Anonymous said...

helllo dear ur dreams are very sweet n innocent like you.............

all d best ..
kip ri8ng poems may god give u all tht u want.............

niswarth said...

may all ur dreams cum tru..all the best ....