Thursday, July 10, 2008


I am your past,
I am your present,
I am your future.
I am the permanent shadow,
who is always behind you.

I walk by you
through bright sunny days,
when you dance around singing merrily..
at the top of your voice.
Through cold blue nights,
when you wake up
completely shaken and shouting
at the top of your voice!

I stand by you
When you watch the lovely stars at night..
When you feel the evening breeze pass by you...

I make u cry
I make you regret
I make you smile
I make you laugh
I make you hate yourself
I make you love yourself

You lock me up,
throw away the key.
You cover me up,
hide me from everyone,
yet I do live in your heart.
You think am dead.
But am alive within you
and will always be.
Even after you leave this world,
I will not leave you.

Ten years from now......
One fine morning,
When you will be busy with your life
Long working hours,
No more classes and boring lectures
No more friends
No time for yourself
When you will look outside the window...
You will find me there...
You will get a smile,
With tears in your eyes....
You will turn back to your work
Again trying to ignore me....
But you will miss me like hell!

I will walk with you till the last day of your life.
I will stand by you even on the judgement day.

I am not your life
I am just a part of your life
I am what you have named me


Rikun said...

Truly amazing...
I like it the most..

Durgeshnnandini said...

ges wat? dis is a masterpiece re!
keep ryting n help odrs bcom practical!

niswarth said...

really nice...expecting more of these...keep it up

BinDaS BoY said...

well ankita, your post was really out of world, u have made a loads of effort in it, really the post was filled wid some emotion.

and sorry i think i have no right to comment but i couldn't resist myself. i got ur blog from ur orkut profile and i am not in ur friends list

yajnadutta said...

it touched all the corners of my heart...................!!!made me recall all my frozen memories........those comprising of myriad hues of my past...