Sunday, July 6, 2008

I am what I am!

I am the dream,
they hate to chase.

I am the puzzle
they hate to solve.

I am the word,
they hate to understand.

I am the untrodden path,
they hate to explore.

I am the memory,
they hate to cherish.

I am the feeling,
they hate to feel.

I am the light,
they hate to see.

I am the sound,
they hate to hear.

I am the smile,
they hate to wear.

I am the story,
they hate to read.

I am the silence,
they hate to bear.

I am the hope,
they hate to aspire for.

Yet I want to be the inspiration,
that I would love to aspire for.

I am someone
they FAIL to understand.

Yet they HATE to
Use the word FAIL!


Rikun said...

n i m 1 person...who wants to know why? :P:P
nice 1!!

Apurv Mishra said...

Hey ur poem is quite interesting!!
It made me to write dis few lines::
Maybe or Maynot Be : People Are crowd
(Crowd itself defies the existence of individualism.)
Itz Lik A Circus : Your Are the Joker (You Can Make Them Behave in the way you can project yourself!)

So better be the change to make them change !!!!!!

BinDaS BoY said...

well i guess you are too much Pessimistic, and you are using the word HATE to lot of extent but don't ever underestimate urself coz i started feeling that you think u can't achive u dreams from this poem. but just always remember NEVER LOSE YOUR HOPE

Anonymous said...

hey ankita hiiiiiiiii
i knw, u dunno me n i too dunnoo u....
actlyy am a real poem lover..& simply krrazzy 4 poems.....

i feel am very lucky cuz i gt a chance 2 read UR poems n i mst agree tht UR POEMS ARE VERY HEART TOUCHING AND IT HS GT A deep meaning & INNER FEELING ...........

now am thinking 2 tek tutions frm u abt dese poems as i to hve gt a blog ...jst opened few days ago .........
and i luv dose pppl who luv 2 ri8 poems....ur poems r really very sweet as u .now plz dnt think tht am buttering u or may b sumthin else. .. am saying u d truth
i realyl luved ur wurk baby...
kip it up


Abhishek said...

From when have u been welling so many emotions within u yaar.And now they are just emerging as a beautiful fountain in the midl of a meadow.really i didnt know dat i had such an emotional person as a close friend of mine!