Thursday, June 26, 2008

unending journey through darkness

I kept running through that long unending dark path, fled through thick fog ,through a haunted country without landmarks,thick with cold cloaking mist,peopled with clutching ghosts and shadows,standing again amid stillness,my heart was hammering,the night air wet on my lips, panic howling through my heart like a cold wind. All that mattered to me in the world was completely lost in this cold weird isolated environment,I did not stop I still kept running,flying blindly not knowing where,driven by a nameless dread,seeking in the grey mist for the safety that lay somewhere.All confused and scared I longed for a warm touch,a ray of hope.I ran like a crazy person but did not know where.Somewhere,somewhere in this wild land of moist stillness,there was a refuge!There was something hidden in the mist I badly needed that.Once I get there I will be safe.Nothing will haunt me.I will be free…my lungs almost bursting yet I kept running.Not caring a bit for my tired injured legs.Longing to have a warm and peaceful sleep. Will I get that something hidden in the mist? When will this dreadful unending journey through darkness be over?


Rikun said...

Nice work.. :)
keep up the good work..

Sumit said...

Ankita is goin 2 b ANita desai 1 day:D

Kiddo said...

the imagery is gripping. great job :) i could total;ly see what you have written