Saturday, June 14, 2008


If you are looking for love, would you recognize it if you found it?
Can you tell the difference between love and infatuation?
Between love and attraction?
Between love and friendship?

Quite confusing right???And specially when it comes to true love…
How many of us know what it is???Atleast am sure I don’t know what it is.
Something like a ghost,many people talk about it but hardly 2% lucky people know what it is.But if I were to define love then this is how I am going to….. but I don't think anyone can explain it, love is not something that can be explained it is a feeling to be felt,not something to be expressed in words…many believe love is when you die for a person but I completely disagree with this.I believe love is all about living for someone,love is all about being there for each other though ups and downs,love is something which makes you smile when you are tired,a hand across your shoulder when the whole world seems to have turned against you,a patient ear to listen when you could no more tolerate your frustration,loving eyes which understand everything even when you are silent,a smile which gives you hope,an inspiration and encouragement which makes you come alive,a warm hug just to make you feel secure,its when you miss someone badly even in the company of your best friends,its when you remember someone just by listening to your favourite romantic song,its all about holding hands and walking along the sea beach one fine evening without uttering a word and let silence speak,a kiss on the forehead just to make you feel that you are special,its when someone hurts you and you are completely mad at him yet you don’t yell at him because you know that’s going to hurt his feelings,its about waiting for someone for hours hopelessly hoping against hope just to see that person’s smile,its when you want someone to be happy even if his happiness means that you aren’t a part of it,a strong shoulder to cry on,a feeling of togetherness,understanding and trust…its all about being there for each other forever and always…..
Well still I know this is an incomplete definition perhaps the day I finally understand the meaning I will be able to explain it the way it should be!


Durgeshnnandini said...
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sukanya said...

dey say there is no definition of love ... dey say love cant be expressed in words ... but after readin dis piece of yours,i'd like 2 dem all ... dat THIS IS LOVE !! :)

Durgeshnnandini said...

an addiction 2 b avoided!!(accrdng 2 me)[:P]
bt mst say dat u've put som sense in2 it!![:)]

ast said...

love is certainly when the other person matters to you more than yourself, when you wish to see that person happy at any cost, even at the cost of your own happiness.
its like (in your words), being the last page of her notebook - with the slight difference that it would open on its own rather than requiring you to open it yourself.
its also the feeling that you are incomplete without her, coz she would always be in your thoughts. coz each thing u achieve, u wud want to dedicate it to her; each thing u get, u wud want to share with her; coz each thing u feel, u wud want to tell her; its tht feeling tht u r completely open to somebody, tht u dont hav to pretend anything in front of her; u dont mind seemin a fool to her;

tht u are not an entity different from her.

very well written...its nice tht u hav thought so much on this matter; coz watevr u hav written, its not possible to write without deep introspection.

keep it up.
keep blogging.

rusha_devil said...

Even if some of the points are not fulfilled that does not necessarily mean the absence of love..because like everything else and every other relationship in this world nothing is no one should feel let down or stop believing in their partners if they are misunderstood at times..cause admit it or matter what we may say at times it is pretty difficult to understand one's own self! To quote from someone who has been happily together with their love for 34 years "After the initial years of discovering each other, it is the realization of how much worse it could have been without your partner that keeps you together"

singh said...

i simply salute ur words.

Harshit Agarwal said...

its so true... :) I agree wid each nd evry word u have used in here.. awesum piece of script!! :)